NorthEast Ohio Oracle Users Group

January 27, 2017
NEOOUG Business Meeting

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1:00 pm - 2:00 pm - From 10046 to Real-Time Monitoring/ASH/Modern Techniques for Diagnostics
Speaker : John Hurley, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Did you know you can see bind values for SQL being picked up by the real-time monitor? Are you comfortable deciding what diagnostic approaches are likely to be beneficial and available in various environments? Would you like to help the audience review and understand the history of 10046 tracing to more recent developments including ASH/AWR/real-time monitoring and other toolsets? This presentation by John Hurley, Oracle ACE and better known as the Grumpy Old DBA, will cover the history of modern Oracle diagnostic capabilities and along with a couple brief case histories attempt to come up with a compare-and-contrast perspective on what techniques and toolsets can most effectively and expediently help you be able to sleep at night. The target audience is Oracle Developers and Oracle Database Administrators. It will probably be most beneficial to people with intermediate experience levels up to senior level. Audience participation and involvement is welcome and appreciated, including maybe a few opportunities for wild guesses and shouts of dismay.

2:15 pm - 3:15 pm -
Speaker : Mark Whitlock, Aleris International Inc.

Pilot your Oracle Business Intelligence 12c Migration on Virtual Box
You know you need to get started on that Oracle Business Intelligence upgrade from 11g to 12c but IT resources are tight, plus you’re not really sure how everything is going to fit together and you are going to have to wait for the Database and Server Administrators to get the environments set up . No problem, just use your laptop or PC to pilot the entire migration using Virtual Box and Sample Applications. In no time you will be up and running, using the migration and baseline validation tools, connecting to your real data, verifying dashboards and running reports in 12c.

This is a case study of how Aleris International piloted its migration from OBIEE to using a laptop, Virtual Box and Sample applications for OBIEE. Having been put on hold by the IT Infrastructure team while planning the upgrade from 11g to 12c rather than wait around and have the project timeline slip away the team decided to find a creative way to plan, design, and test and debug to prepare for when the production environment was ready.
This presentation focus on the OBIEE migration but we will explore the other Sample Applications for ODI and Oracle database 12c.

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm -
Speaker : Rumpi Gravenstein, Snap-On Business Solutions

Regular expression can be mysterious and confusing. The session is a primer on regular expressions and how they are implemented in Oracle's SQL language. This presentation is an interactive session with attendees invited to solve regular expression quizzes starting with simple character matching problems, progressing to understanding character classes, and finally moving to how to use back references. By the end of the presentation, you will understand what those cryptic commands mean and how and where to use them to solve problems that can't easily be solved any other way.