NorthEast Ohio Oracle Users Group Great Lakes Oracle Conference

2016 Great Lakes Oracle Conference (GLOC)

May 18 & 19, 2016
Cleveland Public Auditorium
Cleveland, OH

2016 Schedule at a Glance.

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2016 Keynote Presentations

Why Use PL/SQL?
Bryn Llewellyn, Distinguished Product Manager, Oracle Corporation

Large software systems must be built from modules. A module hides its implementation behind an interface that exposes its functionality. This is computer science’s most famous principle. For applications that use an Oracle Database, the database is the persistence module. The tables and the SQL statements that manipulate them are the implementation details. The interface is expressed with PL/SQL. Developers and users of applications built this way are happy with their correctness, maintainability, security, and performance. But when developers follow the NoPlsql paradigm, their applications have problems in each of these areas and users suffer. This session provides PL/SQL devotees with unassailable arguments to defend their beliefs against attacks from skeptics. Skeptics who attend will see the light. Bryn has written a whitepaper that gives a careful and detailed account of what his presentation addresses. You can download it from the Oracle Database PL/SQL and EBR blog.

Bryn Llewellyn has worked in the software field for more than 35 years. He joined Oracle UK in 1990 at the European Development Center to work on the Oracle Designer team, transferred to the Oracle Text team and then into consulting as the text specialist for Europe. He relocated to Redwood Shores in 1996 to join the Oracle Text Technical Marketing Group. He has been the product manager for PL/SQL since 2001. In 2005, he became responsible, additionally, for edition-based redefinition (EBR), the Oracle Database capability that supports online application upgrade.

Oracle Database In-Memory - What’s New and What’s Coming
Maria Colgan, Product Manager, Oracle Corporation

Oracle Database In-Memory transparently accelerates analytics by orders of magnitude, allowing users to get immediate answers to business- driving questions that previously took hours or days. This session provides a clear understanding of how Oracle's unique “dual format” architecture works and illustrates how the new in-memory functionality interacts with key database performance features such as Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC), Oracle Exadata, and much more. Attendees will also get a sneak peak at where Oracle Database In-Memory is going next.

Maria Colgan is a master product manager at Oracle Corporation and has been with the company since version 7.3 was released in 1996. Her core responsibility is the Oracle Database In-Memory Option, evangelizing new functionality and getting feedback from Oracle customers and partners incorporated into future releases. Prior to this role, she was the product manager for the Oracle Database query optimizer. Based on Maria’s extensive experience in Oracle’s Server Technology Performance Group, she creates material and lectures on the Oracle Database In-Memory Option and the best practices for incorporating it into Oracle environments. She is also a contributing author to the Oracle Optimizer blog and the new Oracle Database In-Memory blog.

Feature Sessions

Connecting Hadoop and Oracle
Tanel Poder
, Founder & CEO, gluent
In this session, we will explore the many options for moving data between the Oracle and Hadoop world, querying Hadoop data in Oracle and vice versa. Keywords: Hive/Impala, Sqoop, ODBC, Spark DataFrames, Connectors, Replication. This high-level session is intended for Oracle professionals who are Hadoop beginners and gives you a quick overview of how Hadoop-based SQL engines are different from traditional RDBMS and how to get data in/out of Hadoop.

Tanel Poder is a co-founder and CEO of gluent, a stealth-mode startup connecting the traditional enterprise world with the brave new world of Hadoop and Cloud. Interesting times ahead! 

Innovation, Big Data and the Internet of Things
Rich Niemiec, Rolta AdvizeX

This presentation will cover Oracle's acceleration and the cycles of innovation in the world. We'll look at the current Big Data revolution and some of the solutions out there, as well as Oracle's Big Data solution. We will review the role that both Google and Facebook have played in the Big Data ecosystem and also how other NoSQL databases like Cassandra and MongoDB fit in. Finally, we'll look at the Internet of Things (IoT), which will drive Big Data even faster.

Rich Niemiec has been President of the Oracle Consulting Practice at Rolta Americas LLC since August 2014. He co-founded Rolta TUSC, Inc., a subsidiary of Rolta India Ltd., in 1988 and served as its Member of Executive Board. His experience in data processing ranges from teaching to consulting, with emphasis in database administration, performance tuning, project management and technical education. Rich was one of the first six people around the world to be named by Oracle Corp. as an Oracle Certified Master. He is internationally recognized and respected as a master in database administration and has delivered hundreds of lectures on Oracle toAll levels and types of Oracle users.

Managing Oracle E-Business Suite Auditing and Security

Elke Phelps, Oracle Corporation
Come to this session to hear recommendations for auditing, monitoring and securing your Oracle E-Business Suite environment and sensitive data.  Configuration guidelines for monitoring and auditing activity in your Oracle E-Business Suite application and database will be provided, along with an overview of secure configuration guidelines, updates to the secure configuration scripts, and optional security integrations.  The session will wrap up with a summary of some of the new new security features available in Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.

Elke Phelps is a Product Manager in the Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Technology Group, specializing in Oracle E-Business Suite database integration, upgrades, minimizing downtime, security and advanced architecture. She is the lead author of the Oracle Applications DBA Field Guide (2006) and Oracle R12 Applications DBA Field Guide (2010). Elke was designated an Oracle ACE (2007) and Oracle ACE Director (2009) and received the OAUG Oracle Ambassador of the Year award in 2015.