NorthEast Ohio Oracle Users Group

Oct 6, 2023
Half Day PostgreSQL Database Workshop

Dr. Luigi Nardi, founder & CEO of DBtune, will present one of the topics on tuning database parameters followed by Rumpi Gravenstein's experience with his move to Postgres. The day's schedule will be -

Presenter : Dr. Luigi Nardi - Database Tuning Parameters1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Presenter : Rumpi Gravenstein - Trip Hazards on Your Path to PostgreSQL3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Featured Presentations

PostgreSQL Tuning Parameters

Most databases are shipped with very conservative default settings across a host of parameters to ensure that they can function properly for a wide variety of applications. However, once a database has been installed and applied to a particular application, there is plenty of room to tune the database parameters in a way that improves your particular database performance. Dr Nardi will demonstrate the dbTune product showing how this AI driven service can tune large and small databases without accessing the data within your database. The service has seen more than 300% performance improvements when applied to PostgreSQL databases.

Trip Hazards on Your Path to PostgreSQL

The PostgreSQL database is becoming an ever more popular database. As more and more developers move between Oracle and PostgreSQL it is becoming important to recognize the subtle and key differences between these RDBMS, SQL compliant database technologies. This topic, “Trip Hazards on Your Path to PostgreSQL” will review the differences found moving from Oracle to PostgreSQL. He’ll describe the hazards he has “tripped” over as he made that move.