NorthEast Ohio Oracle Users Group

September 22, 2017
NEOOUG Business Meeting

Featured Presentations

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm - Software Defined Everything for Oracle DBAs
Speaker : Dan Morgan

It would be hard to make a living if all you know is client-server computing, harder still if you only know mainframes. We are now in an environment where everyone is invested in n-tier architecture ... database, application and web servers but that world is changing fast becoming legacy. The future is one of Software Defined Everything ... storage, networks, compute, databases, all deployed and configured with orchestration tools using Infrastructure as Code: A concept we, as Oracle DBAs, have been familiar with for decades using response files.

This presentation, targeted to Oracle DBAs explains the levers forcing the change to SDE, how it will impact our profession, and how we must prepare ourselves and our employers to profit from the advantages and avoid the land mines. Morgan will also show how SDE can be used to create full-stack DR for a fraction of the cost of traditional DR solutions.

2:15 pm - 3:15 pm - Oracle Security for DBAs and Developers
Speaker : Dan Morgan

Everyone should know that Oracle's flagship database contains more built-in security functionality than do all of the other major commercial database products combined. They should also know that most of it is disabled by default. Knowledge of security tools that require additional licensing such as Database Vault, Database Firewall, Transparent Data Encryption, and Audit Vault are important but equally important is the many capabilities included in the default license that can harden a database against attack.

Oracle ACE Director Alumni Daniel Morgan will present with demos live in SQL*Plus how to greatly improve your database's security using built-in features that require no additional licensing and show how you can stop your Oracle database from being used as a source of an internal or external attack.