NorthEast Ohio Oracle Users Group Great Lakes Oracle Conference

2017 Great Lakes Oracle Conference (GLOC)

May 17 & 18, 2017
Cleveland Public Auditorium
Cleveland, OH

Preconference Workshops - May 16, 2017

Oracle APEX Developer Day - SOLD OUT
9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Multiple Instructors
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Are you curious about Oracle APEX and where it is going? Are you interested in how to leverage your SQL and PL/SQL skills to build fast, secure and flexible front-end applications without first becoming an expert in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and/or a complex web framework?  If so, join us for APEX Developer Day as we bring together internationally renowned Oracle authors, bloggers and thought leaders to talk about both Oracle APEX and APEX in the cloud.

Who should come: IT Managers, DBAs, Enterprise and Solution Architects, DevOps Engineers and Developers

10:30 am - 4:30 pm
Optimization with Intent
Ric Van Dyke, Hotsos Ltd.

SQL has come a long way and the options available to write your queries have increased over the years.  But how do you know if the query you just wrote will work well in production?   This training session will dive deep into what happens when that code is executed.  With better understanding on how to evaluate the SQL you will be able to write better, faster and scalable queries.   Key parts of the training will be evaluating run time statistics of our queries, getting these statistics, what to look for in a plan, indexing strategies, predicate ordering, row and block selectivity, and what options you can use to make SQL better, faster and stronger.

Ric Van Dyke is an Oracle ACE with over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. He worked as a developer and database administrator with Oracle starting with Version 6 and for Oracle Corporation for 10 years primarily as a core database instructor where he taught and developed several courses. Ric also served in the Advanced Technologies Services consulting group as a technical manager where he worked with several clients doing RAC installs and performance engagements. He has been with Hotsos for 10 years as an instructor; he also does performance consulting engagements and frequently speaks at local user group meetings.

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Connor McDonald, Oracle Corporation
Remember the good old days when writing SQL meant knowing SELECT, FROM and WHERE, plus how to use TO_CHAR and TO_DATE to handle those pesky dates.  Fast forward to today, and the Oracle SQL documentation is a mindboggling 1500 pages long, and even that is only because we moved the SQL features for data warehousing, objects, OLAP, XML, Text and  Intermedia into their own manuals! Our inability to keep up with the wealth of goodies available in SQL often means we too quickly resort to a 3GL coding solution - which can be more complicated, slower or just plain wrong.  So let’s spend some time getting up to speed with some of the great SQL facilities available in the Oracle database, and look at some techniques to maximize the benefits of SQL-centric solutions.  Key focus areas will be Analytics, Hierarchical queries, the WITH clause, Scalar subqueries, and the MODEL clause.

Connor McDonald is a former Oracle ACE Director who has joined the Oracle Developer Advocates team. Over the past 18 years, he has worked with systems in Australia, the UK, Southeast Asia, Western Europe, and the United States. He has co-authored three books, and has been a popular speaker at Oracle conferences around the world, specializing in topics regarding the database engine and PL/SQL. He has twice won the Inspirational Speaker award by the UK Oracle User Group in 2009 and 2011.

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Oracle Cloud Technology Workshop 
Charles Kim, Viscosity North America
The Cloud Experience Technology Workshop* will start with creating a database in Oracle Cloud. We will also focus on backing up an on-premise database to the cloud and various solutions that are available from Oracle to backup both Oracle databases and non-Oracle databases. We will discuss complete solution options that you can implement as you make your journey to Oracle Cloud. We will also discuss real-life solutions addressing security concerns, opening ports, creating database links/communicating with databases in Oracle Cloud, and innovations that Oracle has made to Oracle Cloud in the past two years.

Here’s a high level agenda of the Oracle Cloud Experience HOL Workshop:

  • Introduction to Oracle Cloud and Security – including Oracle Cloud fundamentals, Storage Cloud and Cloud SIG’s curl API in action
  • Login to on-premise accounts and cloud accounts - logging into the OPC (for the first time), how to sign up for a free trial account
  • Database Cloud - provisioning a database, generating SSH keys, creating a secure tunnel with ssh,
    adding database storage to DBaaS
  • Hands-on Workshop - demonstrate Cloud SIG’s curl API in action, creating a database link between Private Database and Public Database Cloud
  • Oracle Storage Cloud and Database Backup Cloud - logging into the OSCSA, best practices with OSCSA
  • Hands-on Lab Workshop - how and where to download the Database Cloud Backup Module, installing the Database Cloud Backup Module, configuring RMAN for backups, demonstrate how to restore and recover a database from the RMAN Database Cloud Backup.

* Every attendee will be given a Kindle version of the Oracle Cloud Pocket Solutions Guide, which addresses Oracle Cloud fundamentals, Storage Cloud, Database Cloud, and Oracle Database Backup Cloud, as a quick go-to reference guide.

Charles Kim is an Oracle ACE Director, Oracle Certified DBA, a Certified RAC Expert and Certified Exadata Implementation Specialist. He is also a VMware vExpert and a VMware Certified Professional, specializing in RAC, Exadata, Virtualization and has authored 8 books. Charles holds certifications in Oracle, VMware, Red Hat Linux and Microsoft, and has over 25 years of Oracle experience on mission and business critical databases.  He presents regularly at local, regional, national, and international Oracle conferences and is the technical editor of the Automatic Storage Management  and contributing author to  Database Cloud Storage: The Essential Guide to Oracle Automatic Storage Management book. Charles blogs regularly at He is the current President of the Cloud Computing SIG for the Independent Oracle User Group. Charles’s author page is located at:

Nitin Vengurlekar is the co-founder and CTO of Viscosity North America, where he is responsible for Service delivery, Partner relationships and end-2-end solution architecture. Nitin’s main emphasis has been on virtualization, Oracle Engineered Systems, Hyper-Converged Systems, and Public/Private Database Cloud implementations. With more than 28 years of IT experience, including OS390 Systems Programming, Storage Administration, System and Database Administration, Nitin is a seasoned systems architect who has successfully assisted numerous customers in deploying highly available Oracle systems.  He is a well-known Oracle technologist and speaker and is the author of Database Cloud Storage, Oracle Automatic Storage Management, and the Data Guard Handbook. He has also written many papers on storage, database internals, database tuning, and served as a contributor to Oracle documentation as well as Oracle education material. Prior to joining Viscosity, Nitin worked for Oracle for more than 18 years.